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                Bucher Hydraulics
                Specializes in manufacturinf and marketing the gear pumps, hydraulic power units,
                hydraulic valves, filters, hydraulic cylinders as well as hydraulic systems.
                Gear Pumps
                The CBK Gear Pump consists of a gear pair supported by two aluminum bearing blocks, a housing, front cover and rear cover.
                Hydranlic Power Units
                Equiped with a high pressure gear pump,a DC motor, a multifunctional manifold, valves and a tank etc.
                Hydraulic Valves
                The detent deviceallows the spool automatically kick back to neutral position when cylinder completes its retract strobe.
                Please contact the product Parts
                Product advantages
                High-pressure small displacement gear pump: With high efficiency, high reliability, with valve, double as features
                AC and DC Hydraulic Power Units: Features a wide range of specifications, wide range of applications, high technology content,
                modular design, and high reliability. According to customer needs customized development, to provide professional solutions
                Fork Lift Power Units 1
                Fork Lift Power Units 6
                Power Unit For Tire Changer
                Wheel Chair Power Units
                CB-E Gear Pumps
                CB-E**S* Bidirectional Gear Pumps
                CBK Gear Pumps
                CBKA Gear Pumps
                Professional experience in hydraulic industry,
                Our Principal products: high pressure gear pumps, hi/low pumps,
                AC and DC power units enjoy a very popular fame both domestically and abroad.
                Company notice
                Bucher news
                PTC ASIA 2020
                PTC ASIA 2019
                PTC ASIA 2018
                Gear pumps are maturely used in following products:
                1.Various AC and DC Power units, Hydraulic systems
                Address: No. 225 Xitai Road, Meicun, New District,
                  Wuxi, Jiangsu, P.R.China,214112
                Tel: +86–510–88550118 85021581
                  Sales: 8502,8505; Technology: 8401,8405
                  Production: 8601,8602; Quality: 8701,8702
                  Sales Hotline: +86–510–88551778 85022636
                Fax: +86–510–88551810
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